Termite Inspections: Get One Before Listing Your Home

May 07, 2015

Termite Inspections

termite inspectionsWhile you may be tempted to save time and money from the already time-consuming process of getting your home ready to sell, skipping a termite inspection is not where you should save time. Even if you are confident that there are no termites in your home, your word does not carry much weight at all compared to termite inspections when it comes to showing properties to potential home buyers.

Catch a Termite Problem If There Is One

If there is a problem with termites, you should decide whether you want to get it taken care of on your own, before listing your home, or listing it as is to hopefully sell it quickly. Ideally, you should get the termite treatment to maximize the value of the house and avoid negatives in home listings.

Give the Report to Potential Buyers

When a potential buyer comes to look at the property, they may really like it, but want to do a termite inspection to make sure there are no major expenses to look forward to as a surprise.

Fortunately, doing the preliminary work gives you the ability to put these individuals at ease immediately, which can be nice because feeling right about a particular home is often related to feel and mood.

Avoid Losing Leverage in Negotiations

Having a termite problem is an issue because it gives you a disadvantage in the negotiation process. Potential buyers will have leverage on you from the termite issue, and you will ultimately have to buckle down and meet them where they want to go, or hold out for the right deal.

Selling a home is a tricky process, but you can make it easier by getting a termite inspection and knowing that it is out of the way, and not going to become an issue while selling the home.

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