Termite Inspections Help Keep Bay Area Home Safe and Sound

Jul 08, 2015

Termite inspections

It’s no secret that we live in a region well-known for its termite populations. They love the weather as much as we do and perhaps even more. While most of us balk at the area’s average, 74% relative humidity and persistent fog, termites crave it. All of that moisture seeps through their exoskeleton, thereby keeping them hydrated.

They need that to survive and breed. Members of the destructive species are also partial to air temperatures in the 75 to 95 degree Fahrenheit range, which are common in the Bay Area. Keeping that in mind, it is crucial to schedule termite inspections like clockwork. We recommend making an appointment at least once a year.

Why? On average, a colony of termites has the potential to consume close to 13 pounds of cellulose a year. So the longer they go undetected, the more cellulose they’ll mange to pack away. And of course appetites like that could easily put San Francisco Bay Area homes on the city’s condemned list. If that happens, chances are the home must be treated and repaired quickly or demolished.

How much do termite inspections cost homeowners? Savvy ones pay nothing and save money on termite control services too. Others may end up plunking down hundreds of dollars for an inspection and still end up with a termite problem later on down the road. Homeowners that wish to be in the first category and not the latter need to hire a company that provides full termite and construction services.

Ideally the termite control and construction services company should also offer a warranty service as well as a lifetime protection program to its clients. They will help keep homes off of the condemned list too. To learn more about what to look for when it comes to termite and construction services, please contact us at Times Up Termite in San Leandro.

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