Termite Inspections: Proof that Foresite is Better than Hindsight

Aug 11, 2016

Termite Inspections

The majority of Americans aspire to own their own homes. However, it takes most of us three decades or more to reach that point in life. Why so long? It’s a no-brainer really. Generally, it takes a confluence of fortuitous events in order for aspiring homeowners to reach their goals. For instance, there is the matter of securing a mortgage and finding the right home, both of which are no easy feats.

Of course when people get over those hurdles and fall in love at first sight with a particular home, that’s when another whole set of potential road blocks come into play. One of the biggest is determining the structural integrity of the home. There is a world of cosmetic fixes unscrupulous sellers use to hide everything from mold to insect infestation. So, being certain a home is going to provide protection for years to come isn’t as easy as glancing about a room.

That level of confidence requires every buyer to dig deep and demand a termite inspection from a trusted service provider. Otherwise, there will be no definitive way of knowing whether or not a home has been irreparably damaged by wood-boring insects. And lest buyers think the cost of inspection outweighs the risk, consider the average numbers. Termite inspection costs, like others, are largely contingent on square footage. Thus at a minimum, most buyers are looking at $100, which may be passed off to the seller.

Completing termite repairs or finding out later that the home must be condemned will likely cost much more than 100 bucks. Plus, unless there is a clause in place that specifically protects the buyer, chances are they’ll be on the hook for all of those related costs. So in effect, the peace of mind offered by a professional termite inspection is widely considered priceless. To learn more about the ins and outs of termite inspections, please contact us.

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