Termite Inspections: Don’t Forget What You Learned During TA Week!

Apr 17, 2015

Termite Inspections

termite inspectionsNow that Termite Awareness Week 2015 is over, have you called and scheduled termite inspections for your properties in the San Francisco Bay area? If not, now is the time to put down that cup of double latte or herbal tea down on to the desk top and reach out to us. Given our region’s climate and active insect population, the minimum number of times a home should be inspected for signs of termite damage is once year. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve invited a professional termite inspector into your home, you could be in for some trouble.

Experts widely agree that annually, America’s termite population causes billions of property damage nationwide. And because most standard insurance plans don’t address insect damage, homeowners are often left on the hook for the entire cost of termite repairs. Thus, it pays to choose a licensed company that carries a sufficient amount of liability insurance to provide termite treatment right away. It’s even better when that termite inspection and treatment company is qualified to do the repair work too.

Why? Not all general contractors operating in the San Francisco Bay area are familiar with termite behavior. As such, they may inadvertently overlook damaged areas or signs of a missed nest. On the other hand, businesses with extensive termite experience will know exactly what to look for, when and why. They’ll also know how to complete termite repairs in the most effective, cost-efficient manner possible.

And we are not just talking about major termite repairs. General contractors with a comprehensive, working knowledge of all termite species’ behaviors may be relied on to perform prevention work too. For example, they could perform routine plumbing and roof inspections as well as upgrade existing termite barriers or add new ones. To find out more and put what you learned during Termite Awareness Week 2015 to good use, please contact Times Up Termite today.

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