Termite Prevention After Termite Repair

Apr 30, 2015

Once you get professional termite repair to fix the problem that termites created, the last thing you want is having another infestation. Fortunately, there are quite a few methods you can use to prevent termites from getting attracted to your home, and even if they do, persistently inspecting your home’s exterior for termite signs will prevent a substantial problem from occurring.

Maintain Downspouts and Gutters

termite repairA main priority should be keeping excessive moisture away from your home’s foundation, and one of the fastest ways where this can go wrong is when your downspouts and gutters do not work properly. Whether you decide to carefully inspect your gutters or hire a professional to do so, this is one part of termite prevention that you cannot bypass as it is an essential piece to success.

Store Firewood Properly

Although having firewood directly outside of your home is convenient for regular usage, doing this attracts termites to your home, especially when the firewood is stored on the ground. It is ideal to keep firewood far away from your home’s foundation, and for the safest storage, you cannot go wrong with storing it off the ground and in a metal shed where termites will not be able to penetrate.

Fix Leaks Immediately

Anytime you have a leak, water gets where you do not want it to go. It is important to have quick fixes for sudden leaks, which will prevent a leakage from becoming a huge problem before a professional plumber has a chance to arrive and repair the leak completely.

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