Termite Repair: Cutting Corners and Recycling Materials Isn’t Always Wise

Mar 21, 2017

Termite repair generally must follow all effective exterminations. The repairs don’t have to be costly. Unfortunately, some people try to save money by reusing materials and cutting corners. Depending on which materials are repurposed, it could end up costing beleaguered property owners more in the long run. Here’s why:

termite repairIt is not unusual for termite damaged materials to contain viable eggs. Thus, reusing the materials would be akin to leaving time bombs inside the home or business. In other words, the eggs could later hatch and the termite larvae could go on to establish another, even larger colony. Of course there are also materials from termite infested homes that may be recycled safely.

Let’s take sheetrock for example. Also known as drywall, it is not something termites are known to feast on or use as nesting material. However, they will damage it from time to time. Most of the damage generally takes place on the drywall’s paper-clad exterior. The insects will eat it because it’s typically made from a cellulose material. They may also choose to build their tunnels on the drywall’s exterior or break through the plaster on their way to other locations.

As such, undamaged sheetrock may sometimes be used to complete termite repair. The same is true of metal and PVC pipe fittings that went untouched. Wood from a damaged property, however, should never be reused for the reason we’ve already mentioned. Instead, it should be taken off property and disposed of away from occupied dwellings. In some cases, it may even be prudent to burn the wood for good measure.

If homeowners are unsure about the materials being used to complete termite repairs, they should make it a priority to meet with the construction company’s management. To learn more about the types of new and recycled materials often used to safely complete repairs, property owners are also welcome to contact our Times Up Termite Team today.

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