Termite Repair: How Do Most Professionals Proceed After Insect Removal?

Jun 11, 2015

Termite Repair

termite repairDid a recent infestation leave your home’s 2x4s riddled with holes? Are you worried about the structural integrity of the property’s floors and support beams too? If so, taking steps to hire a professional, termite repair team is the only way to restore both the home and your family’s peace of mind. Termite repair professionals fully understand how wood-boring insects negatively impact a structure’s stability and how to counteract their effects. They also have a firm grasp on what needs to be in place in order to prevent future termite problems.

The holes created by termites and subsequent decay greatly reduce how much weight wood can bear. As such, termite repair may involve filling those voids with other materials to reestablish the wood’s weight-bearing capacity. In instances where the sheer volume of holes and void dimensions are overwhelming, fillers cease to become viable options.

Consequently, there are other termite repair methods that professionals will turn to. For example, it may be possible to remove damaged wood or boost its strength through the use of special anchors or sistering. That’s why licensed termite repair companies review all angles of the situations they come into contact with and make recommendations to homeowners’ judiciously.

If replacement proves to be the only option, homeowners working with termite repair professionals often have a variety of materials to choose from. For instance, homeowners and their termite repair contractors may decide to utilize one or all of the following replacement materials:

  • Waste Wood and Recycled Plastic Composite
  • Copper Boron Azole Treated Wood
  • Alkaline Copper Quaternary Treated Wood
  • Cedar Wood
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Cypress Wood
  • Redwood

They’ve all been known to thwart termite invasions in the past. Of course there are other building materials and construction techniques that may help too. Examples include masonry block, tar paper, Tyvek and metal flashing. To learn more about them and termite repair in general, please contact Times Up Termite online today.

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