Termite Repair: It’s More Than Just Clearing Away the Corpses

Aug 20, 2015
Termite Repair

Do the corpses of subterranean or drywood termites smell? In a word, the common response is “no.” After death, their exoskeletons generally dry out and get hard. As such, they don’t give off the traditional smell of rotting flesh. But that doesn’t mean dead termite colonies should be ignored. Once a colony is destroyed, timely termite repair is of the essence.

You may ask, “If their corpses don’t rot in the traditional sense of the word, why is that the case?” Simply put, termite corpses are the least of a property owner’s worries after extermination is complete. The big concern is structural damage. If structural damage is not repaired, the building could cause harm or death to others.

For example, let’s say that before death, the colony weakened the floor of a two-story house. Instead of making arrangements to have the floor repaired, the property owner just continues on with life as usual. Eventually, he or she decides to install a micro-fridge in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It is possible that the added weight of the fridge could break the already weakened floor, thereby sending the appliance plunging down to the first level.

Understandably, a falling fridge could cause substantial damage to property, pets and people. As such, in our imaginary scenario, it would have been better if the property owner had made termite repairs immediately after the colony was professionally eradicated instead of waiting for the fridge to fall.

In addition to preventing future harm, termite repair services also help restore the building’s value and appearance. In some cases, it may be possible to even make the property look and function better than before. It all depends on the wishes of the property owner. To learn what else quick, effective, termite repair can do for a property, please contact us at Times Up Termite.

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