Termite Repair: Myths and Facts

Sep 30, 2014

Termite Repair Myths Dispelled

termite repair
Myth #1: Having scrap wood lying around my yard will give termites something else to feast on, so they won’t necessarily invade my home.

Fact: Just because you have scrap wood lying around doesn’t mean termites won’t eventually make their way into your home, especially if the wood is located very close to its foundation.

Myth #2: Termites not only cause damage to wood, but they can eat through concrete as well

Fact: Termites ingest only wood, but nonetheless travel through cracks in concrete on occasion. When thousands of termites use a crack as a passageway, it eventually becomes larger, thereby giving the illusion that termites have eaten through it.

Myth #3: Termites will not come into an area that is infested with carpenter ants. If I have carpenter ants, I am therefore prevented from getting termites.

Fact: Termites and carpenter ants are not enemies of one another, even can be found near one another. So your home could easily suffer damage from both types of insects.

Myth #4: Termites are primarily found in the Southern United States

Fact: Subterranean termites are found in every state except Alaska, and have been reported in certain parts of Canada as well. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, to include Oakland and the surrounding area, you are still at risk of getting termites, and should have your home inspected annually.

Termites can cause widespread devastation, which is why it is best to catch a problem early on. To prevent termite repair, schedule an inspection, contact us.

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