Termite Repair for Damage in Outdoor or Attached Structures

Nov 13, 2014

Termite repair

termite repairRepairing termite damage can be costly, especially when it reaches the core of structural infestation. The amount of money that goes into that type of remediation can reach five figures, if on the severe side or left untreated. But for many people, the cost of repairing their home is far greater than giving up, and is especially true in situations where termites may not have breached the gates, and remain outside the home.

Here are some tips on handling outdoor/non-invasive termite damage.

When caught early enough, many termite problems may have only made it to the exterior of residential properties, leaving the core of the structure untouched.
Typically this type of damage is done in attached structures or in stand-alone materials outside of the home, occurring most often in untreated materials. Termite presence is noted by an occasional sighting, sometimes pearlescent trails appear in wet weather. But for the most part, termite presence is hard to determine until obvious signs appear.

There are times when damage is minimal and this problem can be remedied without professional intervention by simply hardening the wood that is being damaged. Wood hardening products come in various types of strengths, colors, and for different materials. They essentially fix any striations and/or fissures caused by the termites, rendering any damage moot.

But for the most part they don’t rid the structure of the termites. Luckily for most homeowners when the damage is minimal, it is easy to rectify. But it must be done quickly to ensure it is stopped for good. So while it is perfectly acceptable for a homeowner to spot treat with complementary products where termites are present, it doesn’t always work. Most times it takes a professional to truly rid the material of the pest.

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