Don’t Wait Until Spring To Schedule Termite Repairs to Your Home in San Leandro

Nov 18, 2015

Termite Repairs

termite repairsWinter is closing in and you’re probably wondering, “Should I start termite repairs now?” In a single word, our thoughts are “Absolutely!” Just because the seasons are changing and outdoor temps are on the downward slide, there is no reason to hold up the inevitable. Interior repairs may be made anytime and as for the exterior work, well that doesn’t necessarily have to end either.

End-of-year air temperatures in our area generally stay in the 60s. So as long as termite repair supplies can withstand being exposed to that kind of temperature range, there shouldn’t be a problem with making those all important, termite repairs. For example, many contractors like to coat bare lumber with borate and ethylene gycol-laden sealants. Both substances are well-known for their ability to handle the cold.

Other common products like Tyvek, siding and roofing tiles may be able to hold up to San Leandro winters too. Never fear, conscientious, termite repair companies always check the spec sheets on all of the building and repair supplies they use on a project. Thus, they would never attempt to use a product during winter repairs that didn’t have the wherewithal to get through the project undamaged.

Still not convinced now’s the time to repair that termite damage? Keep in mind that destructive pests of all kinds are attracted to damaged structures. Although many of them are in hibernation now, they’ll resurface again in the spring. So completing damage control now will help prevent buildings from becoming easy targets for pests who emerge during the first signs of warm weather.

Termite Repairs in San Leandro

To have termite repair professionals come in and complete repairs from now until spring, please contact us. Our experts in San Leandro will assess structures for damage, provide estimates and make all repairs necessary for those that call 510-568-7200 or e-mail our San Leandro office today.

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