Termite Treatment Expert Debunks Four Common Myths about Termites

Dec 02, 2016

There’s a lot of misinformation about termite behavior floating around the Internet. Acting on these myths renders your efforts of protecting your home against termites ineffective and may even make the problem worse. Here are four myths we would like to dispel:

My Brick Home’s Exterior Will Protect It from Termites

Termites can penetrate concrete and brick through small cracks that can lead them to the wood structure of your house. These external cracks are often difficult to see. However, if subterranean termites are making extensive use of them, you might see their mud tubes going up the concrete or brick wall to the cracks.

I Don’t Have a Termite Problem Because I Haven’t Seen Any

Termites can eat away at the wood in your home for years without your knowledge. It’s a slow, silent, and largely invisible invasion. Once extensive damage is done, you might detect them by a hollow sound made when tapping against a wall, or by noticing small pin holes in wallpaper or drywall. However, by the time you notice these signs, the infestation is well underway and requires termite treatment.

The Trees, and Dead Wood on My Property Will Divert Termites Away from My Home

While this wood will certainly provide plenty of food for termites, it won’t prevent them from expanding their colony and search for more food sources, such as your house.

Termites Aren’t a Threat Because My Home Is Part of a New Housing Development

New housing developments often occupy land that was recently cleared of trees. Termites are still living in the left over stumps and roots. The removal of the trees will only compel them to look for new sources of food.

If you suspect or know that termites have infested your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can inspect your home for their presence and proceed from there.

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