Termite Treatment with a Tenant Living in Your Rental Home?

Oct 29, 2015

Termite Treatment

termite treatmentWhile it is certainly easier to upgrade your rental property after a tenant moves out, you do need to resolve certain issues when the property is still occupied. If you end up having a termite problem, you should not hesitate to get termite treatment while a tenant is still living there, even if they have to vacate for some time.

Better to Tackle the Problem Right Away

A termite infestation will not just get better on its own. It is important to tackle the problem immediately, so you should schedule for professional termite treatment as soon as you speak with your tenant. Ideally, you should do everything you can to schedule the service on a date that they are comfortable with.

Enjoy Reduced Costs Down the Line

Holding off on treatment could bring a slew of problems in the future. Instead of forcing the tenant to move out in the near future, you can keep them around and enjoy the monthly income. Since the infestation will only grow in severity, you could have to spend more money than early on by procrastinating on getting assistance.

Show the Tenant That You Care

Landlords that take excellent care of their properties and make sure their tenants are satisfied will generally have a better experience when it comes to working with their tenants. A tenant who knows their landlord cares about their quality of life while living in their rental will usually take better care of the property.

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