Is there a Termite Treatment to Prevent Infestation?

Dec 03, 2014

termite treatment Oakland CAMany people first learn about termite treatment after the insects have been found invading their homes. While post-infestation treatment is effective at getting rid of termites, it’s even better to prevent infestations from ever occurring. That way, the termites don’t have a chance to eat important wooden structural elements such as house frames and trim.

Fortunately, there are termite treatments designed to prevent infestation before it occurs. These treatments typically include a baiting program. Which types of baits are used depends on the types of termites typically found in the area. For the subterranean, or underground, type often found around Oakland, CA, buried baits are preferred. These bait stations fool the termites into thinking that they have found a source of great-tasting wood, when in reality, they have found their doom. Typically, such bait stations are buried around the perimeter of the house so that termites can’t miss them as they attempt to reach the house. Once lured to the bait, they eat it and are soon killed by the poison.

Other termite prevention methods include spraying the foundation of the house and several feet up the wall. This poison barrier deters entry and kills any termites that persist in trying to get in. It is often considered a secondary form of defense – the bait is expected to do most of the work.

Improvements to the house’s physical structure and surrounding environment are also often part of preventive termite treatment. A multi-pronged approach is usually used when it comes to this category. One prong attacks the termites’ need for water. Leaky plumbing, dripping outdoor spigots, and other such things are fixed to help keep the area dry. Water-collecting items like old tires, outdoor buckets, and other such vessels are either eliminated or covered so they can’t get wet.

Another prong in the structural repair area is sealing up gaps. Homes made of brick, block, or other masonry often develop cracks in their mortar that allow termites to crawl through and get to the wood joists within the walls. These cracks need to be sealed in order to form a physical barrier to the insects.

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