Termite Treatment: Outsmarting a Smart Creature

Dec 30, 2016

The average person does not like to think about termites, and when they must, the thoughts are certainly not positive. Since termites have a longstanding reputation for being destructive creatures, we often think of them as being an enemy to be obliterated, and rightly so. However, researchers and scientists have, over the years, noted the extreme intelligence of these hungry creatures.

For example, termites, in their quest to find sustenance, have been observed devouring the corks of wine bottles. This fact alone is not shocking, however it has been noted that these insects routinely end their meal just before chewing completely through the cork. Wine bottle are historically stored on their sides to prevent the cork from drying out, begging many to question how the termite knows not to chew entirely through the cork.

While most species of termites silently invade structures in search of the cellulose they so desperately crave, the tunnels and colonies these creatures build are engineering masterpieces. Because termites prefer a very specific environment for reproduction, these creatures somehow are endowed with the intelligence that helps them use the wind, the warmth of the sun, and global positioning to create the exact ambience that is necessary for breeding. Moisture, carbon dioxide, and oxygen are all highly regulated and constantly adjusted in order to maintain the perfect environment that will ensure the survival of the colony.

And then there is their tendency to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of their colony. In a world where the concept of survival of the fittest is still very much the modus operandi, many humans would do well to study this practice.

Yes, a careful study of the various species of termites quickly reveals that these creatures we are so intent on destroying are quite the intelligent and formidable foe. It takes an experienced team of professionals to come up with a termite treatment plan to outsmart these destructive, but very determined creatures. To learn more about how our team can put their knowledge and skill to work defending your home or commercial space, contact us today.


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