Termite Treatment for San Leandro and Berkeley

Sep 18, 2016

Termite Treatment

The Bay Area of California is a dynamic place and for insects, it is even more so. The stable temperatures within the coastal margin offer a perfect environment for termites. Even at the San Leandro real estate market heats up, the cool weather of the San Francisco Bay Area is inviting to five of the six types of termites found in California. Fortunately, Times Up Termite offers comprehensive termite treatment with “Termite Free for Life” guarantee. Selling a home? Buying a San Leandro home? Times Up Termite adds value to your home by ensuring that it is termite free and that it remains termite free. Now, that’s something you can actually market!

Property Value and Termites

Across the United States, termites rack up billions of dollars worth or property damage each year. That damage is a mixture of property cases which involve new infestations in new construction and ongoing damage to existing homes. Termites are not that discriminating when it comes to finding wood to consume.

One of the bigger problems with termite treatment is that homeowners fail to protect their homes for the duration. Termites are not like cicadas, which emerge every three, seven or seventeen years. Termites emerge and disperse every year. They are a cyclical event and as such termite treatment require an ongoing preventative approach. That, however, is one of the benefits of working with Times Up Termite. Not only do they offer a “Termite Free for Life” warranty program, they also offer a warranty service and monitoring program too.

What Is Ongoing Termite Treatment Needed?

Even if you are the most conscientious homeowner, your home is still at risk. This is because termites, for a very short period of time, fly. When a colony becomes too large, new queens disperse and they take with them a host of drones. So while you make sure that your property is well maintained, your neighbor’s home might hold a termite colony that is looking for a new food source. As mentioned, the California Bay Area is home to most species of termites. Those include dampwood termites, drywood termites, and subterranean termites. The assault on San Leandro and Bay Area homes is relentless. Protecting your home is a worry-free event thanks to Times Up Termite. They offer comprehensive termite treatment throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have concerns about termite damage, or if you just want to protect your property investment, contact us. We offer free quotes and a lifetime warranty.

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