Termite Treatment Solutions: More Vital Than Ever in Swarming Season

May 21, 2014

Spring is in full swing, and many northern Californians understand that spring also heralds the resurgence of the swarm. New Orleans, a place more than 2,000 miles away from Northern California, agrees with the sentiment. A May 12, 2014 WDSU News article by meteorologist Kweilyn Murphy details the city’s yearly problem:

“According to Zack Lemann, manager of Animal and Visitor Programs at the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, “As long as it’s moist and not too windy, and it’s between pretty much May and June, you’re gonna see them,”

“Swarming season for these animals is simply a way to reproduce,” Lemann said. “Most of the termites, the ones that do all the damage, are wingless. But there are males and females which, when the conditions are right like now, will fly and find each other and try to start a new colony.”

Lemann said that with a strong subterranean termite population in the city, it’s only a matter of time before the “super termites” find your home.

“They’re really determined. They will go further, and climb over, and dig under, crawl around, or chew through whatever they have to to get from point A to point B,” Lemann said.”

It is highly plausible that these swarmers, technically termed as alates, have begun buzzing around, trying to find the perfect mate to start a new colony with. Households who feel that their house has signs of termite infestation should look for termite treatment solutions offered by a reliable pest control company.

Homeowners should note that the presence of several alates does not usually equate to more than a thousand crawlers hiding under the walls. The presence of a lot of fliers means that the colony is well established under the house and that more than a thousand worker termites are chewing through its fragile wooden foundation.

Homeowners need to understand that the way the house itself is built may sometimes attract the termites to nest. Wood to soil contact, improper drainage, and wood refuse buried under the slab all invite the termites to build a colony in the house, which can weaken the integrity of the structure itself.

If thousands of alates are spotted during the swarming season, it is important to call services that offer effective termite inspections and solutions. Companies like Times Up Termite have the necessary knowledge and equipment to make the work speedy and effective.

(Source: It’s the annual return of swarming termites, WDSU News, May 12, 2014)

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