Termites Flying in Your House? Here’s What’s Happening

Mar 01, 2017

termite treatmentAre termites flying around in your house? Flying termites can present a serious problem. It’s not the winged termites themselves that do the damage; it’s what they indicate and produce. They may indicate the need for termite treatment.

Only some termites fly. It happens once a year, usually in early spring, though the actual season varies for each species. The sexually advanced male and female termites leave the colony in search for more space. Flying termites are a sign of a termite colony somewhere in the area, possibly in your home, which would warrant termite treatment.

Not only that — when the male and female termites mate, they reproduce rather quickly and in massive amounts. If they’re building a new colony in your house, you’ll have hundreds of wood-eating termites in your walls very soon.

Don’t mistake flying ants with flying termites! Ants have a darker body which is made out of three parts, as opposed to the termite’s two. Ants also have two sets of wings, one large and one small, as opposed to the termite’s one set.

A few termites flying around a light bulb are not necessarily an indication of a bigger problem; they may simply be coming in from the outside, attracted to your light. However, you should take a good look around your house, especially in the basement and at your walls. If you notice small holes, mud tubes, termite droppings or shed termite wings, then you need to call an exterminator immediately. If you see these signs, you should take action even if you don’t actually see any flying termites.

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