Termite Treatments: Bungalows or Big Mansions, Insects Don’t Discriminate

Jan 29, 2015

Termite Treatments

termite treatments could not save Tiger Woods mansionAs entertainment industry headlines pointed out in December 2014, not even Hollywood mansions are safe from termites on a hunger binge. It was widely reported that one celeb literally spent millions trying to combat the voracious insects, which were purportedly attracted to his home after it sustained water damage. As long-time termite treatments experts, we can confirm that various types of termites are drawn to unresolved water damage and will waste no time turning it into a home of their own. And getting rid of them once they’ve dug in and put out the welcome mat has major project potential, especially for people who happen to live in luxurious, 7,000-square foot crash pads.

Let’s hope that when the mansion’s termite treatment is complete, the General Contractors took all of the necessary precautions. For example, did you know pre-construction, construction and post-construction tasks can go a long way in keeping termites at bay? It’s most assuredly true. Some of the items often used in the construction process are stainless steel termite shields, sand grain barriers, vapor barriers, cross-ventilation systems and boric acid treated wood. The same termite resistant materials could be used to repair termite damage too. Of course that’s just the half of it.

Scheduling routine termite treatments for properties in areas susceptible to insect invasions is always a wise decision. Both the home and the surrounding landscape could be modified to detract termites. For instance, sloping soil away from structures, removing rotted trees and making sure storm water drainage practices are in place will help on the outside. Keeping up with home repairs and making sure that the building is sealed right will aid in making the inside less welcoming too.

To learn more about termite treatments and how we can help keep people in their homes, please contact us today. We offer access to both termite and construction services in San Leandro, California, and the surrounding areas.

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