Termites: Fact or Fiction? Dispelling the Myths around Termites

May 06, 2020

When you think of wood-boring pests, you may envision ant-like creatures decimating your home. You might even get a little nervous when working out in the garden and discover some termites. Maybe you found some bugs climbing in and out of your concrete foundation, or think that your old house is full of termites. All of these tend to be urban myths.

Many myths are surrounding how these pests work. The team at Times Up Termite understands how they work. We start with a free termite inspection of your Hayward home. Then we create a custom plan to eradicate these bugs so that you can rest easier knowing your family is safe.

Termites 101: Fact vs. Fiction

When you dispel the myths and understand the facts, you stand a better chance of eliminating these invaders from your property. Here are some popular myths:

Myth #1: Termites and ants are related.

    • In reality, the termite is closer cousins to the cockroach than to ants. With that in mind, pest control treatment should be conducted as such.

Myth #2: Termites can eat through concrete.

    • No, they cannot. However, they can enter structures through the tiniest of cracks in concrete. As the colony travels through, the cracks can get bigger.

Myth #3: You can only find them in the warmer regions of North America.

    • They can be found in all the 48 contiguous states and Hawaii. You won’t find them in Alaska, though.

Myth #4: Keeping wood around your yard will give termites plenty of food, and they will leave your house alone.

    • Leaving wood lying around will definitely feed them; however, when they decimate the pile, they will head for the wood beams in your structures.

Myth #5: Termites will not attack your brick home.

    • Don’t forget that you have wood trusses, even in a brick home. They will find them and eat right through.

Myth #6: If ants are in my home, wood-eating bugs won’t be.

    • Carpenter ants like wood just as much, except they use it for nest building. You can have both insects in your house.

Myth #7: My neighbor had their home treated for termites, now the pests will invade my home.

    • Termites have extensive colonies that can attack several homes in one area. Treatment does not necessarily drive a colony to another house.

Other Tidbits of Truth You Should Know

Here are a few more truths to help you understand the enemy living in your home:

  • Termites are sometimes called white ants.
  • They are blind and don’t have much of a sense of smell.
  • Most of the time, flying ants are termites.

Keep Your House Safe with Regular Termite Inspections by Times Up Termite

Protect your loved ones and your investment when you have the team from Times Up Termite conduct a free termite inspection. We have decades of experience to ensure we locate and eradicate the colonies. We use different pesticides depending on the situation. One such pesticide is an eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset. We use this option because it is the better choice for your home if you have children, pets, or a pregnant mom. Give us a call for your free termite inspection.

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