These Ants Can Fly! Flying ‘Ants’ Are Most Likely Termites

Sep 14, 2021

While cleaning your windows one day, you notice some weird wings on the window sill. As you sweep them up, you see a winged bug fluttering about. At first glance, you may think that you have flying ants, but is that true? Maybe not. It is possible that what you see are termites. These wood chewing bugs wreak havoc on homes across the United States. Recognizing the difference takes a trained eye. More importantly, any time you see bugs in your Oakland home, you should contact a professional. If it turns out that you have the wood-eating kind, you will want the services of an expert termite control company.

How to Tell the Difference Between Termites and Flying Ants

As noted, it takes a trained eye to catch the slight differences between flying ants and swarmer termites. When discerning what that blackish bug is, a pest specialist will look for things like the antennae, wings, and abdomen. Here are the aspects your pest control professional will be looking for:

  1. Ants: Ants have bent antennae. Next, they have two pairs of brown-tinted wings of unequal size. Their body colors include black, brown, or reddish. Finally, they have defined, pinched abdomens.
  2. Termites: By contrast, termites have straight antennae. Their paired wings are transparent and the same length. Their bodies sport the colors of black or dark brown with broad, straight abdomens.

You will find both the termite and the ant living in wood. While the carpenter ant is an omnivore, the termite love cellulose, which is located in your rafters, joists, wallpaper, and other wood or paper products. They find a home, settle in, and start chewing away. During an inspection, your pest management expert will look for evidence of mud tubes, channels that subterranean termites use to travel from the ground to your home.

When you find the wings, you are looking at evidence of mating pairs. In the case of wood chewing termites, this means your home may be at risk of an invasion. It is vital to ensure your home is not inviting pests, particularly termites. That means you should have an expert come in and assess the situation. Additionally, you will want to shore up any water leaks, dry out any moist areas, and keep excess wood away from your home.

Stop Pests in Their Tracks with Help from Times Up Termite

You do not have to become a bug expert when you choose the team from Times Up Termite to come in and inspect your home. We have the knowledge and experience required to know what kind of bug may be eating at your home and offer you different options to eradicate the pests. We even have the eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide, Altriset, as an option. It’s for your Oakland home if you have children, pets, or pregnant moms. Contact us today to ensure your home becomes pest-free.

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