I Think We Have a Termite Problem! What Should I Do?

Dec 13, 2017

Have you been cleaning one day and noticed that the dust around your window sill looks different – like little pellets? Maybe you have seen some wings but have not found flying ants. It is possible you have a termite infestation in your home that is making good use of the wood in your property. If you believe you have these wood-boring pests, there are a few things you can do to control the termites in your Castro Valley home.

At Times Up Termite, Inc., our licensed professionals will inspect your home, evaluate the damage, and customize a termite treatment service for your home to minimize the damage these fast and fiery pests can cause.

3 Things You Should Do If You Discover Termites

If you find evidence of an infestation, there are a few things you should do when seeking assistance for termite control.

  1. Do Not Panic – It is frustrating to find any kind of insect in your home. It can be easy to envision all sorts of scenarios where your family is hurt by these unwelcome guests. Keep in mind that termites do not feed off humans or pets, so they do not pose a physical threat to you or your animals.

While termites will cause structural damage, it is not immediate. You do not want to wait too long after finding evidence of a pest infestation, but it is not an instant threat to your home.

  1. Gather All Evidence with Pictures or Videos – You are likely to find a variety of evidence in your home, from droppings and wings to excessive termite damage or the pests themselves. To aid in ridding your house of these pesky intruders, document all you find in real time.

When you take pictures or video of a termite infestation, it helps your certified inspector to determine the size and depth of the problem. It also lends clues to the source. Since a lot of the evidence can be easily blown away or cleaned up by the time an inspector arrives, documentation can be crucial to alleviating the issue.

  1. Schedule an Initial and Follow-up Inspection – Once you have taken a moment to document all the evidence, setting up an inspection is next. Choose a qualified and licensed inspector, such as those at Times Up Termite, to come in and look at all areas of your home, including attics, crawl spaces, room interiors, and all around the exterior.

During the first inspection, an inspector will look for any infestation and give recommendations on how to remedy the problem

A second inspection is equally important as a new swarm can be introduced and already start building a new colony. To help combat new invaders, plan on having another review 12 months after the first.

  1. Bonus Tip – One way to stay ahead of future invasions is with regular inspections. Contact your pest control company every 12-18 months for routine checks and enjoy a pest free home.

Termite Control by A Company You Can Trust

Do not ignore the signs. Get the termite treatment you need. With just a few steps, you can take control of your home once again and have the peace of mind that your structure is safe. For more than 20 years, the professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. have helped homeowners across Castro Valley, Berkeley, Oakland, and Fremont get rid of unwanted and damaging pests, and protect their family and home.

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