Times Up Termite Offers Effective Commercial Termite Treatment Program

Jan 29, 2014

San Leandro, California (January 29, 2014) – Throughout their years in the industry, Times Up Termite has learned which comprehensive termite treatment is most effective for dealing with infestations on commercial properties. The company can thus recommend and implement the most appropriate programs to rid their clients’ properties of these troublesome insects.

Commercial property owners who have very good reason to believe they have a termite problem are free to contact the company to request termite inspections. Just because there are no obvious signs that there are termites in a property does not mean there is no reason for owners to worry.

The company assures clients that, once they have confirmed an infestation, they can provide the appropriate treatment to eliminate the problem. Regardless if they are serving an office, a warehouse, an apartment, or another type of commercial property, Times Up Termite will make sure they provide effective solutions from the onset.

The company is confident that they can combat any type of termite infesting properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. They can conduct thorough property inspections for subterranean and drywood termites and determine which defense plan can effectively solve the problem and even prevent future infestations. Moreover, they can offer control methods that can be completed in a few hours so property occupants do not need to be temporarily relocated while the company goes about work.

Since termites can cause extensive structural damage, the company can also offer construction and repair services through their subsidiary, Schafer Construction. From inspection to repair, Times Up Termite can provide the quality services customers are looking for.

Visit www.TimesUpTermite.com to find out more information on how the company can help with residential or commercial termite problems.

About Times Up Termite, Inc.

Since 1991, the company has been providing professional termite control services in the San Francisco Bay Area. They ensure safe and effective termite solutions by combining high-quality materials approved by the Environmental Protection Agency with carefully controlled methods.

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