Times Up Termite Launches Lifetime Warranty Termite Treatment Program

Jan 08, 2014

San Leandro, California (January 2, 2014) — True to their mission to provide complete termite solution services, Times Up Termite, Inc. has launched a “Termite Free For Life” program. This lets property owners live and work free from fear of unexpected infestations.

This Warranty Service and Monitoring Program includes an extensive home inspection and a termite treatment plan. Termites have long plagued American homes, threatening homeowners with losing their investments. In fact, the United States termite infestation problem has reached a critical point, as it causes annual damage worth $2 billion.

Times Up Termite helps ensure that homes in the East Bay Area will not become hosts for infestation and turn into just more figures adding to the alarming statistic.

The company conducts inspections as a preventive measure to stop termites from taking over homes. Their licensed inspectors thoroughly examine properties to find damage caused by the insects, then create a specific defense and termite repair plan afterwards. They can be counted on to address problems caused by dry wood, subterranean, and damp wood termites, which are the most common types of the insect. Their experience is also valuable, as signs of termite infestation may escape the layman’s eyes.

Through the Warranty Service and Monitoring Program, the company ensures that a home is properly taken care of under their team’s watchful eye. Moreover, under this exclusive home protection plan, they guarantee that any new termite or wood-boring insect infestation will be thoroughly acted upon at no additional cost. Furthermore, repairs to any damage that occured as a result of the infestation will be covered for as long as a client maintains the plan. The warranty begins with a complete inspection, includes limited service calls, an 18-month scheduled service, and ends with one complete termite inspection. Routine monitoring not only keeps a home free from undetected damage, it also pacifies an owners’ worries about a possible infestation and water-related problems such as plumbing leaks and dry rot.

Visit www.TimesUpTermite.com to find out more about the Termite Free For Life program. The website also features information on the company’s other methods for safeguarding homes from termite infestation, as well as their construction services.

About Times Up Termite, Inc. Founded in 1991, Times Up Termite, Inc. has built a reputable name by providing prompt and reliable termite solution services to property owners in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The company takes pride in their full range of termite control services, which are administered by fully licensed inspectors and trained technicians with the use of EPA-approved materials.

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