Tips to Prepare for a Termite Inspection

May 23, 2015

Termite Inspections

Whether you suspect you have termites in your home, or you just want to get an inspection to be safe, there are preparations that you need to make before a thorough inspection can be performed.
Remove Outside Debris

Termite inspections require that the exterior part of your home is free of debris. Essentially, you want to keep any part of the outside foundation or walls from being covered.

For overgrown bushes, you may want to consider hiring a landscaping company.

Minimize Storage

As for storage that is in the way of a termite inspection, you should either find another place to put the items or rent a storage unit as a safe and reliable means of storage.

However, this is also important to do inside of the house, mainly where moisture comes from. It is ideal to clear out bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room sink areas to avoid slowing down an inspection.

When you are making adjustments to get ready for an inspection, you want to avoid putting any wood against the walls of the foundation or your garage as this is a major attraction to termites.

Take Your Own Notes

While you will be getting a professional opinion soon, there is nothing wrong with taking your own notes. The information you gather can help an inspector take a deeper look at certain areas, or if a termite infestation has made its way into your home, they may be able to easily determine the entry point.

Whether an inspection comes up with empty or not, you should begin to play an active role in preventing termites from getting into your home as they will eventually come if you attract them enough.

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