Useful Tips On Choosing a Quality Termite Inspector

Dec 02, 2015

Termite Inspector

termite inspectorPest control is a top priority for a homeowner or landlord. Riding a property of bugs and keeping them away is not only a concern for health, it is important for the structure itself. This is why termite inspections are important when warning signs are obvious.

But how do you select a pest control company? In this post, we’ll provide you some tips on choosing a termite inspector for your Oakland, CA home or property.

Does the pest control company offer a guarantee? An agreement between you and the pest control company that the work they do lasts is important to your selection. It is an indicator of a trusted service and should not be ignored.

Check with other people who have used that termite inspector and ask about their service. How other people felt about the quality of the service in question is a good sign of how you will feel.

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If you are concerned about the types of chemicals the pest control service uses, inquire beforehand about the products that they apply. Reputable termite services are more than happy to provide property owners with literature outlining the pesticides they work with.

If you come across several companies that you think work best for you, move on to price analysis. Although cost of service isn’t always a good indicator as to the quality of work, if you are in a bind, it might be a good way to make a selection. Ask at the time of the free inspection about costs.

Verify after you make a selection that the work comes with annual or semi-annual inspection follow-ups at no charge, or free re-treatment. A good termite inspector will reward clients for extended relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask about how an extended relationship works, and what benefits it includes.

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