What Can We Learn from Termites?

Sep 20, 2020

Keep your Hayward home safe and the pests at a distance when you enlist the termite treatment services of Times Up Termite. Our highly trained team stands ready to rid your home of the invasive species of wood-boring bugs. We leave Mother Nature where she needs to be – away from your house. Trust us to work hard to help you keep your home free and clear of these homewreckers.

It is safe to say that the vast majority of people view termites as pests that should be eradicated. Their viewpoint is understandable. Each year, wood chewing bugs cause billions of dollars in damage to residences and office buildings in the United States alone. If something is going to cause that much trouble and angst, shouldn’t it be eliminated? It depends. Termites have a fan club of scientists and engineers who are fascinated by them. Is it possible that we could learn a thing or two from our nefarious enemy?

3 Areas Where Wood Chewing Bugs Inspire Humans

Mother Nature can teach us many things. Her creatures are amazing. Consider how a pregnant bear will give birth while in hibernation, and as she remains asleep, her infants are awake, feeding on her fat-rich milk, and growing. Humans only wish for a full night’s sleep after they bring on a newborn! Termites are also amazing and have caused the world of science to pause and take notes. Here are three areas that our wood-eating enemies are standing out in the crowd:

  1. Robotics: Termites work together to construct, deconstruct, clean, feed, and generally care for the colony. They do not have a set commander, yet build mounds that rival the world’s tallest buildings based on scale. They are not complex creatures. They do not have eyes. They are less than a half-inch long, and you can see through their transparent abdomen to their stomachs. Robotics engineers try to uncover how these bugs’ signals work so they can build a robot that mimics it. What they found is that termites are not like the Borg on a Star Trek Instead, they are more like the Three Stooges with quirky characters.
  2. Architecture: Building green is the trumpet shout among many. We want to construct buildings that utilize all that Mother Nature has to offer. We strive for the perfect ratio of sun and wind energy to avoid over-taxing the grid. Architects have been taking some cues from our termite friends by observing how termite mounds in Namibia act as a colony’s lungs. The mound gets rid of the carbon dioxide and methane, and corresponding tubes bring in fresh cold air and moisture. A Zimbabwean architect built a two-building office complex and shopping mall around this concept.
  3. Medicine: 2020 has proved that the tiniest of entities can stop the world. Doctors and scientists strive to understand the coronavirus and how to stem the tide. They could look at the humble termite for ideas. If one of the workers comes into the colony with a harmful microbe, the rest of the family kicks into high gear. Their answer? They lick the infected one clean. Now, we are not advocating licking others to fight off disease, but it has made researchers push further to see what makes it possible for the termites to do this and survive.

Kick Invasive Termites to the Curb with Help from Times Up Termite

Let Mother Nature’s non-invasive creatures continue to inspire us. For those that invade your home, depend on Times Up Termite for effective termite treatment, including the eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset. If you have areas with pets, children, or a pregnant mom, then this may be the right option for you and your family. Give us a call today to schedule a termite treatment for your Hayward home.

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