Why Termites Are Dangerous to Your House

Apr 05, 2021

Many things can cause extensive damage to your home. For example, severe weather, earthquakes, or other natural disasters will often leave your home in ruins. These are devastating events that cannot be avoided. There is another danger to your house that can cause thousands of dollars in damage. The worst part is that you may never know what happened until it is too late. There is hope because you can avoid much of this type of damage when you have a termite inspection done on your Union City home.

Times Up Termite has seen first-hand the damage that a colony of tiny bugs can inflict on a structure. These pests eat non-stop and cause billions of dollars in damage each year. We have the experience and tools to rid you of these bugs and get your home back. Sleep better at night knowing you have taken the proper steps in protecting the structure of your home.

3 Ways Termites Are a Danger to Your House

Few of us would believe that such a tiny bug can wreak so much havoc and be dangerous to humans. They don’t spread disease, nor do they bite or sting. Instead, here are three ways termites are a danger to humans:

  1. They Are Silent Invaders: You will probably not hear these invaders as they munch on the wood in your house. They won’t scatter when you turn on a light as a roach does. You will not see them scamper across the floor like a mouse. That’s what makes them dangerous. They silently go about their business of eating 24/7, and you will be oblivious to it. Since they spend their time within your walls and under your home, they are difficult to spot. When you do see evidence, much damage has already occurred.
  2. They Damage Your Home’s Structure: The 2×4’s in your walls, the floor joists, and roof rafters all work together to create structure and stability. When any of these pieces are damaged, the structural integrity of the entire building is at risk. Termites constantly eat away at these critical parts of your home and weaken it over time if you don’t schedule termite inspections to stop potential infestations.
  3. They Are Challenging to Get Rid of: When these pests take up residence in your house, they plan to be there for life. Because they eat from the inside out, it is challenging to find and eradicate the colonies. A professional pest control company, like Times Up Termite, has the skills, knowledge, and tools to step in and get rid of these wood-boring pests.

Eradicate Termites – Start with a Termite Inspection

Rest easier knowing you have help keeping termites at bay when you call in the experts at Times Up Termite. Our licensed team has the training and experience to inspect your house and offer options to rid you of these dangerous pests. We work with common industry pesticides, as well as an effective eco-friendly, reduced-risk pesticide called Altriset. You may choose this excellent option if you have pregnant moms, children, or pets at home. Contact us today to find out more.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of knowledgeable, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection in the Union City area.

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