Will a Treatment for Carpenter Ants also Take Care of Termite Control?

Nov 11, 2019

It may be easy to think that all bugs are alike and can be eliminated in the same manner. A trip down the pesticide aisle of your local home improvement store seems to convey the same message. The truth is that insects may have many similarities, but each one is distinct and requires different handling.

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Different Bugs Require Different Treatment Methods

Before you grab a familiar brand off the store shelf, it pays to know what type of insect you are up against. Here are the main differences between carpenter ants and termites requiring specialized treatments:


  • Carpenter Ants: The ant’s body consists of a head, thorax, and abdomen. Their waist is pinched. They have two sets of wings that are only slightly longer than their body, and different sizes. You will find a variety of colors, including red, black, yellow, orange, or brown. They tend to swarm year-round.
  • Termites: These bugs only have a head and abdomen, which is straight, not pinched. Both sets of their wings are the same size and extend well beyond their bodies. In general, termites are brown in color with minimal variation. They swarm only in the spring.

Habitat and Food Base:

  • Carpenter ants love to chow down on wood, but it is not for sustenance. Instead, they use it for shelter and nests.
  • Termites eat up wood and cellulose-containing items 24/7. They will chew on mural wallpaper, furniture, clothing, cardboard, and books.
  • Both pests thrive in wet environments.


  • Using an over-the-counter spray or liquid insecticide for ants will not rid your home of them.
  • To fully exterminate the carpenter ant, a professional should come in, find the nest, and then use the proper chemicals or removal methods.
  • For termites, it is a matter of an expert seeking out the mud tubes that seal the entrance to their colony. Once found, bait can be left outside the enclosure.

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