Do Termites Survive in Cold Weather?

For many Americans who live in colder climates, going south for the winter may sound appealing. Depending on where you reside, you may envy the hibernating bear. As the mercury falls and plants and animals slow down to hibernate, it is easy to believe that bugs do the same. Unlike other members of the animal kingdom, termites are eating machines that munch in wood and other cellulose items 24/7, 365 days a year. That is why it’s important that you…

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Can Termites Move into Your New Home…from Your Current Home?

Moving to a new home is exciting. The fun begins with the anticipation of packing boxes then loading the moving truck. Next on the list is unpacking everything and situating your belongings in their new places. Finally, you can sit down to rest and take pleasure in your accomplishment. Can’t you feel the smile spreading across your face while you think about it? This is a clean, fresh start with nothing following you. At least, that is what you think.…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Termite Damage

Most of the time, we plow through our day-to-day activities focused on our careers, families, and paying the bills. Between carting kids off to dance lessons and sports practices, there is little time to consider the tiny wood munchers eating you out of house and home. Termites are insects that ravage homes and businesses, causing billions of dollars in damage each year. Many of us mistake these pests for ants, or we may see the evidence but not realize what…

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Will a Treatment for Carpenter Ants also Take Care of Termite Control?

It may be easy to think that all bugs are alike and can be eliminated in the same manner. A trip down the pesticide aisle of your local home improvement store seems to convey the same message. The truth is that insects may have many similarities, but each one is distinct and requires different handling. Fight off wood-boring pests with a free termite inspection for your Fremont home when you contact Times Up Termite, Inc. Our licensed professionals arrive at…

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Can Termites Damage the Foundation of My Home?

Termites cannot damage the foundation of your home if it is made of concrete, concrete block, or brick. They can, however, wreak havoc on the wood sources within your home by entering a crack within your foundation. Imagine the damage to your wooden structural beams. Those creaking floors may not be because of age but because of a tiny cellulose-eating pest. Beat these wood-boring bugs at their game by investing in regular inspections from the professionals at Times Up Termite.…

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DIY Versus Professional Termite Control

From changing the oil in your car to fixing a broken garbage disposal, many people prefer to do as many things on their own as possible. Perusing the Internet will uncover a plethora of videos to help you fix a leaky faucet, set up solar panels, and build a campfire with two sticks and a shoestring. There are several items you can do without hiring out the service. One thing on your “honey-do” list should not be left to DIY-ing.…

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Out of Sight Is Out of Mind – But That’s Risky with Termites!

Owning a home or business comes with many responsibilities. Between continual upkeep, cleaning, mortgage, taxes, and weekly lawn maintenance, it is easy to think you have it all covered. However, hidden in your rafter, support beams, and floors could be a dangerous foe. This one lives only to do two things – chew wood and reproduce. You may not know the danger that lurks within your walls, but termites can become your worst nightmare if you ignore the signs of…

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Before You Remodel, Renovate and Refresh Your Home, Get Rid of Pesky “Squatters”

If you are getting ready for a summer remodel of your Fremont home, there is one item that you should add to your list – pest control. Any time you renovate your home, there are many decisions to make, such as dimensions of the room, style, colors, and hiring a contractor. This time is also perfect for a termite inspection. These pesky squatters are ever ready to destroy your new addition, resulting in severe and costly damage. Before you plan…

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Know Your Enemy Before You Try to Defeat It!

Bugs all look the same, don’t they? Unless you are an entomologist, you may agree. For the vast majority of us, they all look gross. Yet, each creature has different mandibles, abdomens, and responsibilities in the animal kingdom. Honeybees cross-pollinate flowers. Dung beetles keep excrement at bay. Many are sources of food for larger animals as well. The problem we experience is when outside animals find their way inside and start destroying our houses, apartment buildings, and businesses. Before you…

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Help! We Just Moved into Our New Home and Found Someone Else Still Lives Here – Termites!

Buying a home is an exciting time. Gone are the noisy neighbors at your previous apartment. No more struggling to find a parking spot when you have your very own driveway. Now you can paint your bedroom any color you want, even school bus yellow, if you like. Granted, with homeownership comes a new set of responsibilities. You have a mortgage, property taxes, and upkeep. Yes! The moment you bought your house, you took on the duty of making repairs…

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