Beware of “Swarmers”!

Mar 10, 2022

When you think of the swarmers, what comes to your mind? For those in the pest control industry, it represents thousands of bugs taking over your home. Yet, the term means more than an existing group of pests. It means that a colony of termites breaks off into chunks, enabling more and more termite babies (i.e., larvae) to be born. The more that are hatched, the more trouble your structure may face. In other words, swarmers mean big problems for homeowners. Termite control of your Berkley home is possible when you choose a company with decades of experience under their belts.

Common Concerns with Termites

Termites pose a serious threat to wooden structures and much more. The wood chewers cost Americans billions of dollars in damage each year that can be avoided by regular inspections and treatment conducted by a qualified pest control company. Yet, many owners do not fully understand how these bugs impact their lives. Keep these concerns in mind when it comes to swarmers and how they affect your property:

  1. They eat all forms of cellulose products. Termites will eat just about anything with cellulose in it. Wood happens to be a favorite. However, they will chow down on paper, books, insulation, and your swimming pool liner. It is fair game for the termite if it has cellulose in it. That means they can be around you all the time, causing damage, and you don’t know it.
  2. They will cost you money. Swarmers represent a potential infestation. When a colony gets too big, it splits off and sends the reproductive ones (swarmers) out to start new colonies. If you see swarmers, there is an excellent chance that you will have to pay for some repair bills after your termite control is complete.
  3. They will affect your ability to sell your home. A termite inspection is a useful practice in real estate transactions. Since swarmers indicate you may have termites, it could cost you in the sale or amount of profit from the sale of your house.
  4. They require a professional to ensure they are eliminated. These bugs get into the innermost parts of a structure. Also, they are challenging to detect for the untrained eye. Professional pest control technicians know what to look for. Furthermore, they offer the best solutions to make your home termite-free again once detected.

Take the Sight of Swarmers as a Warning and Call Times Up Termite

Choose a termite control company dedicated to eliminating pests and helping your family remain safe. Times Up Termite has over 30 years of experience aiding homeowners in and around Berkeley. We know where the bugs lurk and what applications make the most sense for your specific situation. We work with bait traps and pesticides like Altriset, which is eco-friendly. This reduced-risk option is particularly good for homes with children, pets, or pregnant moms. Once we make your home termite-free, contact us for regular inspections. We’re here to ensure your home remains safe and free from the threat of hungry termites. Contact us today for more information.

Call 510-568-7200 to speak with our team of experienced, licensed professionals at Times Up Termite, Inc. You can also contact us online to request a free termite inspection in Berkeley.

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