Cross Termite Treatment off Your List Before Summer is Over

Jul 28, 2016

Termite Treatment

Think you’ve crossed everything off of your to-do list? If so, think again. There is one more piece of business that Bay Area residents must take care of before spring melts into summer and it’s scheduling termite treatment. Now, more than ever, it is one task that is imperative to address at least annually.

Not only is the area prone to several types of well understood termites, there is a lesser known one on the rise too. At least two of the area’s types dwell underground and are very active this time of year. Thus, if at all feasible, it is best to have liquid termite treatment scheduled before July. This aggressive time-table will help target the pests when they’re most vulnerable and potentially stop reproduction.

Treatments take time to complete because the initial phase requires applicants to draw a perimeter and install injection points. The points must be deep enough to accommodate the required, EPA-approved products and spaced far enough apart to make an impact on the structure’s existing termite population. In some instances, further excavation work is needed to remove items on and within the perimeter that may attract insects in the future.

Then once that excavation work is done, the product is expertly inserted into the injection cavities and allowed to seep into the soil. Seepage generally takes a specific amount of time too. Afterward, the area is officially deemed inhospitable to subterranean dwelling pests. However, keeping the area that way requires it to be left alone for some time so as not to inadvertently remove the protected soil or add elements attractive to termites. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to dig a vegetable garden along the perimeter or install an underground sprinkler system. To learn more about crossing termite treatment off of your list before the Fourth of July, please contact us today.

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