drywood termites

How You Can Know if You Have a Termite Infestation

We love our homes. They are places of comfort, laughter, and sometimes tears. No matter what is happening in the world, you know that you have a safe haven. What would you do if something happened? You would take care of it. It is easy to keep rooms clean, produce gorgeous landscapes, and make necessary repairs. All of these items are easy to handle because you can see them. What about those things that cannot be seen? For example, what…

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Back to Basics: Termites 101 – Behavior, Diet, and Habits

Going through the pace of modern life, it is tempting to slow down every once in a while. And that’s a good thing; but it’s difficult to get back to hard work when you’ve taken a break. If you need some inspiration, you only have to look around you. Nature has innumerable examples of hardworking creatures. Squirrels scampering about collecting acorns and all varieties of nuts and berries. Birds gathering up everything they can find to make a comfortable nest.…

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Back to Basics: Termites 101 – The Various Types

Fall is the time when kids go back to school. It is also a fantastic time for adults to take a step back and do some learning themselves. How about some insights into the wood-eating insect that causes billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States alone? In this series of articles, we will visit the diligent, relentless termite. You will learn about the different types, their habitat preferences, and reproduction cycles. Why? Because knowledge is power,…

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Are You Seeing Drywood Termite Swarmers?

Homeowners have learned to keep an eye out for insects trying to get into their homes. One, in particular, is the termite. Yes, that wood-boring, 24/7 munching bug does reproduce in the spring. However, as fall comes around, termites start to build new colonies, and some continue expanding into the winter. Stay abreast of the wily ways of your home-wrecking enemies and protect your Hayward property with a free termite inspection from Times Up Termite. Our licensed professionals show up…

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An Overview of the Two Most Common Termite Types in California

A sneaky invader is waiting to eat you out of house and home. It has a voracious appetite, reproduces consistently, and finds wood a most delightful dish, even if it is part of your home’s framework. It creeps into structures through the ground or doors and window frames. Even the tiniest crack is an open door when this pest wants to enter. We are talking about termites. For decades, these bugs have been wreaking havoc in the neighborhood of billions…

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Can Termites Move into Your New Home…from Your Current Home?

Moving to a new home is exciting. The fun begins with the anticipation of packing boxes then loading the moving truck. Next on the list is unpacking everything and situating your belongings in their new places. Finally, you can sit down to rest and take pleasure in your accomplishment. Can’t you feel the smile spreading across your face while you think about it? This is a clean, fresh start with nothing following you. At least, that is what you think.…

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