Does Your Home Say, “Welcome, Termites!”?

Many homes have welcome mats. They serve a couple of functions. First, they provide a safe surface to clean off the muck from shoes, and second, they encourage guests to step into your home. Did you realize that you may be creating another kind of …

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Yes! You CAN Do a Quick DIY Termite Inspection

Throughout the year, homeowners take steps to maintain their homes. For example, we look at gutters, rooflines, and landscaping to see if anything needs to be cleaned, repaired, or pruned. We follow similar steps with our vehicles because we understand the importance of regular maintenance …

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Why Do Termites Love Summer?

Don’t we all love summer? The unspoken freedom that comes with school letting out and family vacations ramping up beckons in some of the most beautiful days anyone could wish for. For most of us, this season is our favorite. Unfortunately, it is also a …

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Why Termites Are Dangerous to Your House

Many things can cause extensive damage to your home. For example, severe weather, earthquakes, or other natural disasters will often leave your home in ruins. These are devastating events that cannot be avoided. There is another danger to your house that can cause thousands of …

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What Attracts Termites to Your Home?

There is a predator out there that causes billions of dollars each year in damage. Its appetite for destruction is insatiable, and it may have its sights set on your home. Yes, the humble termite wants to eat everything in its path, and you may …

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