Need a Termite Inspection? Questions to Ask Your Inspector.

Termite Inspection Questions If you’ve seen signs of termites or termite damage in your home, without a doubt, you need a termite inspection. Leaving termites to their own devices can leave your home in structural disarray. So in the event that you need a termite inspection, here …

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Termite Inspection: When You should Have Them

Termites can strike fear into the heart of any homeowner, but the truth is in California you are unlikely to find a home that hasn’t dealt with some kind of termite damage. The San Francisco Bay area and California in general are prime breeding grounds …

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Termite Inspections Can Prevent an Infestation

Handling an infestation of termites can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive, so preventing this from happening is better than solving the problem when it happens. However, it does not take very long for termites to move into your home, especially while it is vulnerable and …

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Is there a Termite Treatment to Prevent Infestation?

Many people first learn about termite treatment after the insects have been found invading their homes. While post-infestation treatment is effective at getting rid of termites, it’s even better to prevent infestations from ever occurring. That way, the termites don’t have a chance to eat important wooden …

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5 Ways to Tell You Need Termite Inspection

Before Getting a Termite Inspection, Here Some Signs To Look For. The one word that strikes horror into the hearts of every homeowner is termites. They’re about the size of an ant, and they are actually in the ant family. They are white with powerful …

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