The Right Way to Deal with Termite Treatment

In life, there are right ways and wrong ways to deal with problems. For example, when dealing with a mugger, throwing bacon is a “wrong” way. When looking for a solution to your termite problem, look no further than Times Up Termite. We have the right ways for dealing with termite treatment including free termite inspection, treatment, and even a termite free for life guarantee. Before getting rid of these nasty nuisances, it may be useful to understand what our termite…

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Termite Inspection Pros Urge Residents to Watch for Dry-wood Swarmers

Termite Inspection Update Did you know that not all wood boring insects look for wet, rotting wood? Our termite inspection pros know that it’s true, especially when it comes to Incisitermes minor. Also known as western drywood termites, they love nothing more than to make their homes in perfectly good, dry wood. Therefore, just because you’ve repaired those plumbing problems and trimmed back the outside vegetation, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to rest on your laurels. As a matter…

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Termite Repair: Myths and Facts

Termite Repair Myths Dispelled Myth #1: Having scrap wood lying around my yard will give termites something else to feast on, so they won’t necessarily invade my home. Fact: Just because you have scrap wood lying around doesn’t mean termites won’t eventually make their way into your home, especially if the wood is located very close to its foundation. Myth #2: Termites not only cause damage to wood, but they can eat through concrete as well Fact: Termites ingest only…

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A Guide To Termite Repair For Your Home

Termite Repair Recommendations The termites came, ate, and now it is time to repair. However, termite repair can be overwhelming to any homeowner. Just the shock of how much damage the little pests created is overwhelming all on its own. It is important though to make all the necessary repairs. It is important that your home is as safe as it possible can be. This guide will help to walk you through the necessary steps of termite repair for your…

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Why You Should Complete a Termite Inspection Prior to Buying a New Home

It takes time to find the perfect house. Maybe you looked through so many houses that you can’t remember all of them. Maybe you were lucky and found a house right away. You put a contract on it and waited nervously to see if they would accept it. Once they did, you were presented with the opportunity to do some home inspections. You might want to save money by skipping out on some of the inspections but it is very…

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Get an Inspection and Repair Termite Damage before Selling a House

Termite damage is a bane for both homeowners and realtors as it not only significantly decreases a home’s structural integrity and aesthetics, but can also put a damper on home value. As a real estate agent, make sure any home you’re about to sell is subjected to a thorough inspection before it is shown to prospective buyers. This way, you’ll have sufficient time to repair termite damage and make the property as attractive as possible.

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Termite Treatment by the Pros: Which Variety is Plaguing Your Home?

The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Strong City, Kansas is yet another piece of federal property with an ongoing termite problem. According to The Wichita Eagle, officials had to shut down most of their buildings not only for termite control, but also to perform repairs on damaged parts caused by a recent flooding in the area. During a three-week period last summer, it was discovered the rains caused springs to sprout in the visitors center parking lot. The flooding caused…

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Quality Termite Treatment and Solutions from Reliable Exterminators

Termite infestation is a usual problem among American homes, especially for those using wood as a primary material. These insects, just like any other animal, compete for food and living space with other creatures and, unfortunately for humans, have found wood to be a source of nourishment that is unique to them. Aside from that, however, few information about the workings and behavior of termites were known, at least until Arizona State University scientists made recent discoveries, published in an…

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